A Collaborative Timebank

The Colaboratory is an ecosystem for time banking and digital asset storage.

Welcome to the timebank

Powering Collaborative Impact

The Circa ecosystem is designed to track the work and status of projects supporting social impact and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

To participate, please sign-up by clicking the Register Alphacode button below.

What is timebanking?

The Circa timebank is a cooperative ecosystem that enables you to trade hours worked as currency. By participating in collaborative projects, you can earn time tokens which can be traded for basic goods and services.

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The Banks That Run on Time Instead of Money

Your attention is valuable

The value of Circa time tokens is backed by the data produced by the network. Like gold, data is an asset that can be collected and stored.

Introducing - The Alphacode

Own your Data and control your digital identity.

The Alphacode is your key to the Circa ecosystem. You can use this combination key to make network deposits, create requests, and exchange resources.

A Cooperative Blockchain Network

The Circa ecosystem utilizes the Steem blockchain to track timebank data, including membership and activity. Network tokens are managed on the Waves platform.