A Collaborative Timebank

The Colaboratory is an ecosystem for time banking and digital asset storage.

Alphacode Basics

The Alphacode consists of two key components

You Create

Set below, your uKey acts as your private key and functions like a regular PIN, with some added security measures. Your private key consists of 3 characters, A-Z and 0-9. The example below uses uKey ABC. This is not a secure uKey, please don’t use it.

We Create

Provided on the Registration Log, your betaKey will act as your public key, used to track your contributions to the network. Similar to the uKey, your public key will consist of 4 characters, A-Z and 0-9. The example below has the betaKey 1234.

The Result: Alphacode EXAMPLE


Create an AlpHACODE to participate

Due to legal restrictions, a verified legal name may be required for full market access.
Your uKey will be used to send commands the ecosystem. We recommend using something memorable, but not easily guessed. This key will be combined with your betaKey to create your Alphacode. 3 Alphanumeric Characters (A-Z & 0-9)
uKey Confirmation *
The above key is 3 characters long and does not start with a zero.
Terms & Conditions *
The Circa network is a managed blockchain ecosystem. Interactions with the Circa ecosystem are subject to archival on a permanent public record. Accounts showing patterns of abuse, including key sharing, will be disconnected. All network activities requiring a key are recorded on a publically audited blockchain. The Circa project team is not responsible for a loss of account value due to unauthorized use. The Circa network is under development. The continuity and uptime of Circa services are not guaranteed.

If you are unable to generate a betaKey, please email